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Ron Sellz

When Ron was at Hanna-Barbera studios, he was the writer for Scooby-Doo, as well as The Smurfs, the Snorks and other well known cartoon shows. He also worked on Mork and Mindy and The Pink Panther where he made his reputation! Norman Lear’s production company put Ron to work on Good TimesThe Jefferson’sAll in the Family and Chips.

Danny Simon, the brother of Neil Simon later brought Ron onto his staff to write for his ABC Special. Neil Simon reportedly always said that it was his brother that taught him to write.

During his free time from all the busy creations that he worked on in Hollywood, Ron took the time to write the Thriller movie called Terror in Paradise. It is still available on Amazon.

Ron often talks about Bud Abbott from the team of Abbott and Costello. When Ron was 16 years old and living in Encino, California, he struck up a friendship with Abbott as he sat at the feet of the master, both as a friend and as a student of comedy writing.

Ron also worked with Sherwood Schwartz, the great writer and producer, over the years. With Sherwood, Ron worked on the Gilligan’s Island series for Metro Media. Ron said that each day was so very exciting for him as he watched the characters delivering his written lines for them.

Ron’s beloved characters were Gilligan, The Skipper, Mary Ann, Mrs. Howell and the Professor. Two of Ron’s favorite stories include his interaction with John Travolta and Wayne Newton.

Ron Sellz resides in Chatsworth, CA, is happily married to his wife Teri, and has three sons:  Stuart, Scott and Brandon.

Available Now by Ron Sellz

    Bound 4 Vegas

    “Go it alone”! Friends Don’t Bring Friends to VEGAS An Original Screenplay Yes, this is a story about a bunch of friends who have to get to Las Vegas before the famous Sands Hotel is imploded! Their lives would be incomplete if they didn’t have one last blast at this World Famous Hotel! One character’s father is a big mobster working out of the Sands Hotel and that leads to turmoil. The guys have the craziest poker game, and a generally good time is to be had by one and all. They also manage to have a run-in with the California and the Nevada Highway Patrols as they are on their way. We invite you to read Ron Sellz “Bound 4 Vegas” for the many laughs and good times that will make you feel like you are part of the party. And the final touch is that it is written as a screenplay for the upcoming movie.

    Hollywood Friends

    Popular Hollywood Studio Writer Ron Sellz recalls his life and many incidents at the various studios where he interacted with the best and worst of Hollywood’s personalities of the day. We meet up close and personal Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Wayne Newton, John Travolta, and more! This is a never before disclosed “behind the scenes” glimpse of famous people and events never before written. If you love Hollywood of the recently gone by days, then this book is an absolute must read! To hear about the gossip and lean about the private and not so private lives of the who-was-who of Hollywood, this novel is highly recommended!


    What does it mean to be an addict? We explore the very definition through someone who is addicted to prescription drugs who has lost control of his ability to discontinue “the use”. This novel is more or less a “knock” of the rehabilitation industry!!! The main character is trying to get better in a place where there is nothing in front of him but road blocks! Told from a personal perspective, the reader will feel what he feels, bringing their own life into the light of a hoped-for recovery. A must read for insight into the many and varied problems of recovery and the difficult rehabilitation industry for people on drugs and alcohol.

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