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ATIA: Bronze Age Warrior

If this true story is about “Otzi the Ice Man”, a scientific celebrity who was found perfectly preserved in the mountains of Central Europe, then why is this novel being called “Atia: the Bronze Age Warrior”? The answer is a simple one! Rather than fight in the court system of Austria and Italy, we have decided to change the name of our Hero, but to keep the facts of his adventurous life intact!

Bound 4 Vegas

“Go it alone”! Friends Don’t Bring Friends to VEGAS An Original Screenplay Yes, this is a story about a bunch of friends who have to get to Las Vegas before the famous Sands Hotel is imploded! Their lives would be incomplete if they didn’t have one last blast at this World Famous Hotel! One character’s father is a big mobster working out of the Sands Hotel and that leads to turmoil. The guys have the craziest poker game, and a generally good time is to be had by one and all. They also manage to have a run-in with the California and the Nevada Highway Patrols as they are on their way. We invite you to read Ron Sellz “Bound 4 Vegas” for the many laughs and good times that will make you feel like you are part of the party. And the final touch is that it is written as a screenplay for the upcoming movie.

Charlie Glass: A Shattering Experience

From the savvy and very personal experience of a cop who gave many years of his life to the Los Angeles sheriff’s department, comes this stunning novel of undeniable authenticity, unrelenting suspense and the very “sexy” side of police work in the 1980’s. These outrageous and vividly drawn characters have been taken from actual case files and they come to life in this astonishingly tight version of police work AT ITS VERY BEST!

Charlie Glass: Revisited

The question to resolve in this second book of the two-book series that introduces us to Los Angeles sheriff detective Charlie Glass, is who is the master-mind behind the shooting of Leonardo da Vinci xviii and the takeover of his evil empire? Was it Charlie’s # 2 guy Joe Wahl, or was it the Sheriff’s department head of the criminal specialist division Roberto Sanchez? All loose ends are tied up as the novel plays itself out, and we watch Charlie as he takes another step in his goal of becoming the future Sheriff of Los Angeles county.

Hollywood Friends

Popular Hollywood Studio Writer Ron Sellz recalls his life and many incidents at the various studios where he interacted with the best and worst of Hollywood’s personalities of the day. We meet up close and personal Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Wayne Newton, John Travolta, and more! This is a never before disclosed “behind the scenes” glimpse of famous people and events never before written. If you love Hollywood of the recently gone by days, then this book is an absolute must read! To hear about the gossip and lean about the private and not so private lives of the who-was-who of Hollywood, this novel is highly recommended!


This is a dark age, a bloody age!!! An age of violence and great love making! From their enigmatic beginnings, through their first test as warriors and leaders some 5,300 years ago, both Atia (a human), and Mog (a Neanderthal), hold the destiny of the world in their capable hands.


The approach of this very detailed researched book is different from any other works written about this historical figure. Here we have Nostradamus as a time traveler, who goes to eye-witness historical events of his future, and then goes back to France of the 15th Century where he writes up his 100% accurate predictions. For every famous name that we encounter, we witness the event of challenge that they had to overcome to make them famous.

Otzi: The Iceman

Journey back five thousand years ago with famed mummy Otzi the Iceman, except this Otzi is flesh and blood. Otzi and his companions have been invited to a Kuala, a gift-giving ceremony in honor of the gods. Only this year, there’s more afoot than a ritualistic gift-giving ceremony. An empire is on the rise, crushing everything in its wake, as it seeks to secure access to one of the world’s most valuable commodities: salt. Unfortunately for Chieftain Otzi and his people, their homes lies directly in the path of the growing empire, which is headed by the wily Lord Trilock. Soon Otzi and his companions are in a race, not just for their lives, but the lives of everyone they have ever known. Pitted against a foe with vastly superior resources and no scruples, their only hope lies with Perchta, their beloved moon goddess.


What does it mean to be an addict? We explore the very definition through someone who is addicted to prescription drugs who has lost control of his ability to discontinue “the use”. This novel is more or less a “knock” of the rehabilitation industry!!! The main character is trying to get better in a place where there is nothing in front of him but road blocks! Told from a personal perspective, the reader will feel what he feels, bringing their own life into the light of a hoped-for recovery. A must read for insight into the many and varied problems of recovery and the difficult rehabilitation industry for people on drugs and alcohol.

Sensualities of Time

Historically famous men and women at their sexual peaks! Sensualities of Time is a one-of-a-kind novel highlighting moments, fully described within historically accurate time lines. “Here we have sex, very specifically described (in good taste of course) in context and connected to actual historical events such as Cleopatra being unrolled from the rug she was hidden in to get into seeing Julius Caesar or Marie Antionette of France doing her thing with many lovers before the French revolution cut off her head.” —Bud Seligson

There are Aliens Among Us

Author Bud Seligson was invited to write an investigative report for a magazine on the science fiction convention being held in Laughlin, Nevada. What ended up happening was that Bud, along with a crew of three others, actually had a real sighting of what they all believed to be alien vessels, and they put their humorous story to paper. The story line twists and turns with all things alien. If you ever wondered if there was something out there besides our own “scary” human race, then this book becomes an absolute “must read”!

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